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The composition consists of a set of sounds, including approx. 160 different bowl sounds.

The recording is a purely relaxing, without further guidance. Listening - you feel like a dip in the group sound, created by the participants of this meeting. Note: because it is a reusable piece of music (and not unique live session), it is at different volume levels and during separate sessions - you can experience very different sensations; this is due to the nonlinear characteristics of sound - colliding with the dynamics of the environment and hearing curve of the human ear (this is similar to the optical illusion of the so-called equivalent. ' images hybrid "of the content dependent on the distance vision).

Many great moments of meditation and contemplation, directly to your portable player.

1 SBRS Stage 1 - Sea of Singing Bowls 30:20

reference libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125
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